Friday, May 2, 2014

02 MAY 14

A Tale Of Two Drum Sets . . .

Back when I first wanted to begin drumming again,
I had a problem . . . I no longer knew what was
quality in the drum world. Back when I'd begun
playing it was a given that the ONLY drums to play
were Ludwig, Gretsch, Slingerland, Rogers.
The ONLY cymbals to use were Zildjian.
All else was considered to be crap.
(With the exception of the British-made Premiers.)
(This would be 1960.)
Today, there is a plethora of fine drum companies
crafting fine instruments. The old stalwarts have,
mostly, fallen into disrepute. It seems that they
have all been sold off and their names used to
market "beginner-level" drums.
(Again, with an exception, Gretsch.)
Any way . . .
I was looking to buy a quality set.
I'd found a Rogers Drum group on the web.
Following their advice, I purchased the
set depicted in Picture #1. 
It was offered at a reasonable price on e-Bay.
When it arrived, I was dismayed to realize
that the wrap had been badly applied, was a Ludwig
style and would have to be changed.
Put them aside and went shopping again.
Found a black-wrapped Rogers Holiday set that I could
afford. Bought them. The black are fine drums . . . but
had always wanted a WMP set. Finally sent my original
purchase to a drum restoration company (Precision Drum)
and had them refurbished. While all this was going on,
my one granddaughter, Grace, had been learning to play,
was a member of her school band and her 13th birthday
was approaching. When the refurbished drums came back,
I made the decision to give them to her as a birthday
present. That's what is shown in Picture #2.
She spent two days with me, putting the pieces back together.

Now, as for Grandad . . .

I've used the black-wrapped Holiday set for several years now.
They are great drums. Used to mate them up with a COB Rogers
Powertone snare. Today I play with a Western Swing band,
"Western Roundup." We have a standing gig at a local restaurant,
in a small room. I play, what I call, an abbreviated set.
(That would be Picture #3) It's the black Holiday 20" bass
drum, paired with a cut-down Rogers Pageant wooden parade
snare. I play with brushes and mallets. Keeps the volume down.

Western Roundup