Saturday, August 6, 2011

06 AUG 11

From another blog:

"....Glamour is a beautiful illusion -- the word "glamour" originally meant a literal magic spell -- that makes the ideal seem effortlessly attainable. Glamour hides difficulty and distractions, creating a false and enticing sense of grace. We see the dance, not the rehearsals; the beach resort, not the luggage and jet lag. There are no bills on the kitchen counter, no freckles on the pale-skinned star, no sacrifices in the promise of change."

 (I posted this for the edification of my grandchildren.)

New Topic:

It's Saturday.
As is usual, my wife has QVC going on all three TV sets.
Right now the clothes designer, Bob Mackie, is hawking his wares.
His work has been described as "wearable art."
I like him.
I like his clothes... on my wife.

My only knowledge of him, before QVC, came from a friend while in Berlin.
My then-wife's school friend, Penny Fuller, had come to perform at the 1983
German/American Volksfest. Penny had a one-woman cabaret act.
When we greeted her upon arrival, she gave me an ordinary plastic
shopping bag to carry. It seemed heavy for it's size. She warned me to be careful
with the bag, as it contained a couple of (borrowed) Bob Mackie beaded gowns
worth $10,000.

Mackie's current line of clothing carries a more reasonable price tag.
I wonder when he decided it made better business sense to sell many pieces
to ordinary people, for less money, than it was to sell exclusive pieces
to the wealthy for exorbitant prices.
(On thinking about this... I believe he probably, now, does both. He certainly
has the talent... and the business sense.)


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