Thursday, June 14, 2012

14 JUN 12

Flag Day ...
and the birthday of the United States Army.


Little things make me happy.
Yesterday we had a new dish washer installed.
The old one just wasn't cleaning the dishware properly anymore.
It was an 8-year old Bosch ... a good brand but worn out.
For the past several weeks we noticed that there were tea stains
left in the cups that had to be hand scrubbed to remove ... tea
stains on the spoons also.
Enter the new Frigidaire ... used it last night and it cleaned everything
down to the shine. No more hand scrubbing! Hooray!!

Artsongjazz ...
Allen won't be playing with us.
His wife is gravely ill (Cancer (?)) and he can't devote the necessary time for practice. I sent my condolences and offered any help I could provide.

Naomi is back on Craigslist, looking for another bass.



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