Friday, July 20, 2012

20 JUL 12

Bad day ...
A shooting in Colorado ...
12 dead, many wounded ...
asshole who did the shooting in custody.

Now there are talking heads on the TV.
We really don't need the politicians to tell
us how we should feel.

The shooter, one James Holmes, seems
to have been a brilliant, hard working grad
student. Some how, some when, his brain went
off kilter ... he became delusional ... wanted to be
The Joker.           

Here's a photo purporting to show Holmes being taken away
by police during the Occupy San Diego protest.

(Apparently he's not from the Tea Party side of town.)                 


On an entirely different note ...
there was a hummingbird flitting about on the rear deck
this afternoon. I do believe that this is the first time I've
ever seen one at this time of year. Normally, one will
visit in September, when the coleus plants finally bloom.
I may begin putting out feeders now ... see if I can
attract others to visit.


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