Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 JAN 13

Been a long time now ...
a lot has happened.
I'll catch everyone up as time goes on.
No time right now.

For now:
TINS ... a War Story!

In the above photo, from the 8th RRFS in Vietnam, the fellow with his back to the camera is Willie. Willie was a T.A. guy. Willie was of short stature. He roomed with one Riley, who was of very large stature. Together, they'd often get drunk ... then play a game. Willie'd go stand on a chair in the hallway and shout insults at passers-by. When anyone became pissed enough and attempted to correct Willie's attitude, Riley'd come thundering through the door yelling that he'd "kick the ass of anyone who laid a finger on his little buddy!"  When the insulted party fled, they both would break down in laughter and start in with this game again. Kept them amused. We might complain but Riley'd just threaten to kick our ass too. He was intimidating. Nice guy when sober but a complete Mr. Hyde when drunk. This one time, night into day, Willie was really hammered. Someone finally had enough and called the MPs. When they showed up, Willie took off ... doing the E&E thing. He climbed up an antenna tower and hung there, yelling insults at the MPs. Two MPs were ordered to climb up and bring him down. Willie took this opportunity to pull down his trousers and take a dump on one poor MP's head. (Thus making actual fact of that old army saying, "Been shot at and missed, shit at and hit")  Satisfied with his marksmanship, Willie pulled up his trousers and climbed down to be hauled away to the Provost Marshal's office. He received only non-judicial punishment here. Everyone who was told of the circumstances broke up with laughter. Nobody could be serious ... not even the 1SG.
A true ASA War Story. TINS quality ... forgive the pun.


When sober, Willie was a polite fellow. His work ethic belied his off-duty antics. To all accounts, he was a very good analyst.
As for Riley ... I exchanged a couple of e-mails with him a few years back. He's become a Man of God ... a chaplain for the California Department of Corrections.
Fitting, somehow.

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