Sunday, October 16, 2011

16 OCT 11

Mid October...
the trees are not turning much this year.
The leaves become brown and wrinkled
while remaining on the tree.
It's thought this is caused by all the snow and
rain we've had this past year.
The ground is soaked.
The roots continue to take water from the soil
and transport it to the leaves,
thus delaying the change in color...
delaying the fall.

Stopped to eat in a Wendy's.
The girl at the counter took my order, then asked,
"Would you be dining in or dining out today?"
She was only about 16, or so, and was spouting
company training... so I didn't lay into her about how
I wouldn't be "dining" anywhere... that "dining," in my mind,
conjers the image of table service, china plates, flatware...
there are no styrofoam boxes, no plastic sporks, no tiny
paper cups of ketchup in my definition of "dining.".

My band, "Artsongjazz," has a paid gig in two weeks time.
We're playing at a new coffee shop, situated within the confines
of "Museum Village." This is a family attraction located in
Monroe, NY. Am looking forward to it. While I enjoy hearing
us play the music, it's always better with an appreciative audience.


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