Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 SEP 11

Ten Years Gone... Ten Years On...

Thought to write something about 9/11...
but nothing extraordinary happened to me that day.
I was merely a witness from afar.
I watched events unfold on TV, alone at home,
switching from channel to channel.
The first word I heard of the attack came from
the Channel 4 News Chopper... during a traffic
report there was a sudden, fast-moving, shadow
outside the chopper's window and the woman
reporter yelled, "What was that?"
Everything else followed..


In that time just before sleep comes, the mind wanders where it will...
tonight I recalled one, nearly forgotten, 9/11 memory:

I live in the NY City area. Soon after events unfolded at the WTC, one of the local NY channels ran a short news story about Pakistani residents in (one or more ?) New Jersey towns dancing and singing in the streets in celebration of what had just occurred. It was only the one broadcast... and it was NEVER mentioned again.
I've often wondered if the media was self-censoring or if the govt. had intervened to prevent rioting by the rest of us (U.S. citizens). I do know that I've had a hard time looking at Pakistan (and things Pakistani) with anything approaching charity in my heart since.

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