Monday, September 5, 2011

05 SEP 11

Kids and passing time...

Back in 2007, at the urging of my grandchildren, we built a tree fort back in the wood lot
at the rear of the property. The kids played in it every time they were here that summer.
However, as years pass, the fort is used less and less frequently. This past summer, they
showed no interest in it at all. (They're mostly teenagers now and their heads are filled
with other thoughts.)

                              The tree-fort, with three of the grandkids

This last Saturday, I spied two young boys up in the tree fort but before I could open the door, they'd climbed down and disappeared into the woods.
Later that day, as the wife and I were leaving to go to the store, we saw that they'd returned and were hammering away at the fort's railings. We asked them to come down, inquired as to their names and where they lived, got answers, asked what were they hammering on. "We were fixin' it. The nails are loose." was the reply. (They'd brought a tool box with them!) Feeling like a turd, I informed them that the fort was off-limits to them... safety and insurance matters.
I really feel bad about this. I like kids and would gladly let them play if I didn't think that I'd be sued if one of them fell and was hurt.
Life in these times.


PS: Gotta remember to cut and remove the fort's ladder.

Apropos of nothing. . .
Caught an ad on TV for Simon Cowell's new show, "The X Factor."
Looked to me like an "American Idol" carbon copy.
I mean... amateurs singing, plus the comedy relief of all the awful wannabes.
Cowell, Paula Abdul and a Randy Jackson clone as judges.
A host (?).

1. The X Factor
2. American Idol
3. The Voice
4. America's Got Talent
5. Karoake USA

This is "Star Search" run amok.
(Just when does a programming niche become overly saturated?)

(I guess that I'm just cranky tonight.)

(-Fini, in fact)

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