Saturday, September 3, 2011

03 SEP 11

After Irene. . .
A week has passed. The storm is long gone. Some effects yet linger.
Looking out on my back yard, all is tranquil. The squirrels are nosing
around for food. The lone gopher made an appearance, crossing the
yard to the next-door neighbor's property. Birds are back. . . to include
the raucous crows. There is little damage. . . a couple of fallen trees
(one a 60 ft. giant) back in the small wood at the rear of the property.
We lost power for a few days. Spent one night in a Fishkill hotel. . .
(were in need of hot showers, food that wasn't canned, lights!).
All-in-all, we fared well compared to others in the storm path.
We were merely inconvenienced.
We were lucky.

I wish everyone else, touched by Irene, a speedy recovery.


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