Wednesday, September 5, 2012

05 SEP 12

Summer's over ...
Outside, we have intermittent rain and distant thunder ... the remnants of Isaac. There's been the diesel rattling of school buses going past the house all morning. Leaves have just begun to turn ... some falling to earth.

Change is afoot ...


Time passing ...

My stint with The Midnight Blues lasted from 2006 til 2009.
It was a good run. I enjoyed it ... was sorry to have quit the group.
A friend from the Rogers Owners Forum who lives here, in Mahopac,
took my place as drummer (Ed Heinzinger).

Have been going through photographs and found a bunch that I'd
forgotten about.

Top Photo:
2007 - My 1st gig with The Midnight Blues at the Town of New Fairfield, CT Quarterly Coffee House. From left - Jamie Ratzken, Joey Vee, Me, Mikalai Schmatok. This is before the band had a bass player. Mikalai eventually left the group to pursue his first love, Heavy Metal Rock. (He's doing well.)
Bottom Photo:
2009 - My last gig with The Midnight Blues at a Halloween Party held in the Proud Mary lounge at The Inn, Newtown, CT. From left - Jamie Ratzken, Joey Vee, Me, Rob LaSalle. Rob would faint halfway through the night, due to a vasovagel reaction. We ended the night early ... with Rob in the hospital for observation. Later on, in November, I was struck with a heart problem, ventricular tachycardia, that mandated a defibrillator being implanted in my left chest wall. I was too ill to play for over a year's time. I'm back playing now with a jazz group, Artsongjazz. (All brushwork, not very strenuous. Perfect for me.)


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