Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 AUG 12

Small things ...
Been playing with the camera and Photoshop ...
learning what I can about using both.
I'm liking what I've managed to do so far
but I'm sure there is more magic to be discovered
in the world of digital art.
If I'm up to it, I'd like to take some classes in either
photography or Photoshop. I think BOCES offers

One discovery is the beauty of small things living wild.
Here are photos of small plants growing on the property:

                                                                 Wild Daisies

                                                  Yellow Flower (species unknown)

                                                                    Fallen Leaf

                                 At wood's edge ... Flowering Shamrock (last light)



PS: There's also the captive beauty of a domesticated plant:

                                            Red Impatiens among White Wax-Begonias

                               Bandito Orange Sunrise ... last light



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