Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15 AUG 12

Musings ...
In the film, "The Teahouse of the August Moon," the main
character, Captain Fisby, complains loudly and longly
of the malevolence inherent in the workings of ordinary machines.
I've often had the same thoughts myself.
Any technician, with experience, will tell tales of encounters with
the intermittent problem ... where the operator swears that the
equipment wasn't working a minute ago ... "but it's working now."

Here, today, in my own kitchen, the same game is being played out. I had installed a Coby undercounter television set back on Superbowl Sunday. It performed well up until last week when the picture began to fade. The screen became white and various geometric patterns began to appear at random ... then it would clear up. Weighing the difference between a repair and purchasing a new TV, I opted for new. The new television arrived last Friday via UPS ... since that day, the old TV has performed flawlessly. And I'm wondering, "Does it know, somehow, that if it's removed that it's then bound for the junk-yard?"
Wouldn't surprise me at all.


One of my favorite scenes from the film:

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