Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22 AUG 12

The Rundown ...
What's going on around here:
  • A grandson is in the hospital, Luke Geocos. He's had surgery on the muscles in his legs to stretch them out. This is a necessary procedure. His Cerebral Palsy and subsequent confinement to a wheel-chair brings on muscular atrophy.
  • Another grandson, Thomas Keane, is going off to his freshman year at college next Sunday ... which happens to also be his 18th birthday.
Don't believe that I wrote anything here about my wedding anniversary this past July. It was our 8th ... and the 4th of July was chosen as our wedding day because we used to host a family get-together on that date and since the whole family would be here anyway ... why not have the ceremony then?
(Besides, it would make remembering the anniversary date that much easier.)

                          Small montage of Barbara and I on our wedding day.

There aren't many good photos from that day. We thought to buy a bunch of throw-away cameras, place them on all the tables ... then let the guests snap pictures when they wanted, from many different angles. Unfortunately, I purchased the extra cheap Chinese-made one-time cameras from the Dollar Store. They were a buck apiece. They took very poor photos ... dark and fuzzy. The few pics that were good enough were saved ... the rest were tossed.


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