Friday, August 3, 2012

03 AUG 12

"Umgawa ..."
So spake Tarzan of the Apes ...
at least the Johnny Weissmuller version.
I've been a Tarzan fan since childhood.
I read all of Burrough's books.
My very favorite movie-Tarzan was Gordon Scott.

There is an old saw about putting aside the things of
childhood when one is no longer a child.
So it was with Tarzan.
Attending college, in the '90s, I took a few psychology
classes. Doing the heavy reading, I found out that a "Tarzan"
could never come to be ... not in real life.
It's the biology.
If a child is not exposed to language by the age of three,
the necessary synapses in the brain do not develop and
the child will not ever learn to speak a language.

                                                        Gordon Scott as Tarzan


PS:  A question that puzzled me in later life ...
       Why is it that Tarzan never needs to shave??

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