Wednesday, November 9, 2011

09 NOV 11

"Damning with faint praise..."

...words taken from Shakespeare, I do believe.

Veterans Day is two days away.
At the 11th hour, on that day, we shall all pause and remember
what it is that veterans have given in the service to this country.
The business community wishes to appear cognizant of the veterans'
service and to reward them with some token of gratitude. Restaurants
are offering free (or discounted) meals with proof of service.
This bit, from the listing of eateries offering freebies, caught my eye:

"Krispy Kreme - Where participating stores will present a free donut on Nov. 11 to all active-duty members, retirees and veterans. Officials encourage people to call ahead to ensure that their local Krispy Kreme is participating."

Don't wish to appear ungrateful but...
I'm underwhelmed.


Having just written all that...

I came across this:


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