Monday, November 21, 2011

21 NOV 11

Somebody said...

The Penn State circus grinds on... and on.
Everyone is pointing fingers and promising
to get down to the "truth." (Whatever that is.)
I find the alleged crime to be disgusting.
If Coach Sandusky is found to be guilty, then a long, long
stretch in prison is what he deserves.
(Forever and a day wouldn't be too long a sentence IMOHO.)
But here's the catch... he hasn't been found guilty...
of anything!
He's merely been accused.
He has rights...
which are guaranteed by our system of law and justice.
The media seems to have already convicted him and
to consider a fair trial as being incidental to the process.

Paterno, on the other hand, has earned the scorn being heaped on him.
He dismissed an assistant's claim as frivolous and passed it up the line
for the school to investigate... washed his hands of anything that may come
from it.

If the accusations prove true, the victim was a ten year old boy.
He needed somebody to champion his cause.
How could he have fought this fight alone?
He was ten years old.
(I remember ten.)

                                                      ( ... so say I )

22 JAN 12
Penn State Football Coach, Joe Paterno, has died.
In the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead, I've
removed the harsher criticism from this blog post.
I left just enough to let the reader know that I was
unhappy with Mr. Paterno's lack of concern for a
young boy.
R.I.P., Paterno... your God can deal with you now.


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