Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29 NOV 11

"O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

I'm a fan of the TV show, "The Big Bang Theory."
The central character on the show is one Sheldon Cooper.

Lately, I've been tracing my family roots on Ancestry dot com.

I have a half-brother who is also from Texas...
his name is Sheldon Cooper.
He's about a decade younger than I am.

I've tried looking up my half-brother on Google or facebook but
whenever I enter the name... about 10,000 hits come up...
all of which concern the fictional "Sheldon Cooper" from the
TV show.

I also have a half-sister... her name (in 1974) was Lisa Cooper.
She's a couple of years younger than her brother.
Cannot find her either.

I've never met them.
Perhaps one day...

I'll continue searching.


PS: I was born, "Joseph Michael Cooper," my brother,
"Thomas William Cooper."

              Pictures of Lisa and Sheldon Cooper, ca. 1974
(An explanation of the photographs: The mother of Sheldon and Lisa contacted my mother in the mid '70s and requested medical information about my brother and I. Seems that one of her children was symptomatic for a possible genetic disorder and she was wondering if either of us had had similar medical problems. She sent along the pictures with her request. According to my mother, my brother and I had never displayed any of the symptoms that were described... I don't know what the symptoms were. I never asked. My mother never said.)



  1. Classmates.com has several Sheldon Coopers. One from Zapata TX, Sheldon Cooper
    Zapata High School
    Zapata, TX Class of 1981

  2. Thanks for the info, Anonymous... but Sheldon was a high school senior in 1974.