Monday, May 7, 2012

07 MAY 12

Numbers and such ...
Formulas and numbers have never
been my strong suit. Neither seems
to stick in my brain for very long.
Words do.
Numbers don't.
In high school, I struggled with algebra
and geometry. (That I managed to earn
an "A" in college algebra is nothing short
of a miracle.)
This lack has plagued me all my life.
Now, it would seem that I've forgotten
"Ohm's Law!" This "law" is the basic formula
used in the teaching of electrical circuits.
Forgetting it is akin to forgetting one's ABC's.
It's so basic that I thought I'd remember it
Seems not. 
(And to think that I used to be a 33B/C.)


PS:                                             _R_
It's coming back to me ...             I * E        (I think?)

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