Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 MAY 12

After the ball ...
Yesterday saw my granddaughter, Grace Mei, getting ready for,
and attending, her school's yearly semi-formal dance.
Ashleigh Siriotis, Uncle Rino's girl-friend, drove up to do Gracie's hair
and make-up. It seemed to be an all-day affair ... but the results were
worth the effort. (Ashleigh is a make-up artist by profession.)

                       The results - Gracie, just before leaving, with Grandma and me.

                      My favorite photo from yesterday: Gracie Mei - Ready To Dance!

                                                         Grace - 11 May 2012


Was, again today, up in Wappingers Falls to see the new car my daughter and her husband just bought. It's a Dodge Journey, a used SUV. White w/beige interior. All the bells and whistles. Nice ride. Stopped for dinner at a restaurant that we hadn't patronized for awhile ... Greenbaum & Gilhooley's Steak House.
I had the sirloin with baked potato, my wife ordered the deep-fried filet of sole. Don't know how good her's was ... but my steak was superb. Of course, it may just be that I hadn't had a steak for a long, long time.


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