Friday, May 18, 2012

18 MAY 12

Artsongjazz ...
The band appears to have acquired a new bass player.
Shane is out ... guess he and Naomi had a talk and decided 
it best for him to drop out, since he could no longer make 
Thursday practice nights.
Naomi then advertised on Craigslist for another player.

Last night we met Allen.
He plays a miced double bass.

He's good.
He's age-appropriate. (In his 50's)
Been playing in a jazz duet w/piano for the past 12 years.

Something seemed to click in each of us last night ... we had
a great practice! Since her family financial crisis, Naomi has
been half-steppin' when she sang. Tonight, she sounded
like a jazz singer. We all picked up on that and our play
was near perfect.
Just fun!

Here's hoping for a repeat. 

Did some chores today ... one was painting the flower boxes.
As I painted, the song "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" kept running through
my head. I really do like one string of lyrics from the song:

"He always sings 
raggy music to the cattle
As he swings 
back and forth in the saddle
on a horse 
that is syncopated gaited ... " 

When I was five, I had no idea what "syncopated" meant
but I did know what a "gate" was. 
How you "gated" a horse ... I didn't know but that was okay. 
I liked the song anyway.


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