Friday, December 2, 2011

02 DEC 11

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..."

Back on the 16th of October I wrote that my new band, "Artsongjazz,"
was to play it's first gig on Sunday, 30 October, at the Museum Village
Coffee House. It never came to pass... a Nor'easter blew through here
on the Saturday before, bringing a foot of heavy wet snow. All that
snow, in combination with the remaining leaves not yet fallen, brought
down whole trees and a tangle of broken branches.

Power was lost for several days over a large portion of the Northeast.
Here, we lost power Saturday afternoon... were forced to find a hotel (again).
We were out of the house until Tuesday afternoon.
Not bad when you consider that people living in the upscale community
of Ridgefield, CT (about 10 miles from here) had no power for near onto
two weeks... and nights were getting cold.

The Coffee House had entertainment booked for every week-end of
November... so our first gig is now Sunday, 18 December 11.
We practiced last night and we were cookin'. Just hope that we can
hold on to this musical high til after the gig. All bands have flat days and
when that happens no amount of trying will fix the music.


PS: Gonna have to stop referring to "Artsongjazz" as being my "new" band.
       It's now just my band.

                        Ad, from the Museum Village web page (and, as is usual, misspelled my name)

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