Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 DEC 11


I think that one becomes a curmudgeon when
the list of what is disliked becomes longer than
the list of things that are liked.
When disliking becomes habitual...
when unsolicited opinion is constantly offered...
Viola! ...a curmudgeon is born.

I think I've entered that stage in life.
There's an awful lot that I don't like in today's world...
and this blog is the perfect tool for bitchin' and complainin'.
I do understand that much of my discord is due to age,
to time and changing mores.

(I'm not sure if what follows is truly curmudgeonly or just ordinary generational differences.)

A granddaughter thinks that Lady Gaga is the Second Coming.
I beg to differ.
Surely, the Beatles were the Second Coming!
... though my mother never thought so...
but, then, she was a 1930s type of gal...
more attuned to Gershwin and Cole Porter.


My wife, who is a bit older than I am, thinks that Elvis was the Second Coming.
Me... I never much cared for Elvis. (Except for his rendition of, "Don't Be Cruel.")
Life goes on.
                                             ( ...that would be "Presley." )

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