Friday, December 16, 2011

16 DEC 11

"...Hallowed Be Thy Name"

The subject is God, or gods, depending on the belief system.
I was reared in the Roman Catholic Church...
though it's precepts didn't take with me.
Never believed the tales that were told... even as a small child.
Could never get my head around the "Holy Trinity" thing...
a convoluted explanation for matters of faith that could only
have come from a committee.

My own personal view:
Humans and religion... this pairing goes back in time
to when our ancestors huddled in trees at night,
watching thunderstorms sweep the savannah.
Surely SOMETHING BIG was responsible for
that light show, all the ground-shaking noise.
An evolving intelligence, the evolving brain, sought answers...
and the concept of a Supreme Being was born.

                    ( ... chicken or the egg. )

Christopher Hitchens died yesterday, sorry to say.
His was a voice for reason in an, often, unreasonable world.
He succumbed to esophageal cancer... an affliction that
I beat with surgery and great good luck.
I'm not sure that I should wish for the well being
of his soul, given his predilection.
(I'm agnostic, not atheistic.) 

05 JAN 12

After having written all that, I find this... which I also agree with: 


  1. Your post indeed channels the craft and spirit of Hutchins. And I felt like you invited readers under the tree with our ancestors, I could almost make out the discussion…

  2. Thank you, Terre...
    though you flatter me with the Hitchens comparison.
    By comparison, I'm just a hack writer.

    BUT... I'm glad somebody is reading my words.

    -Joe Welsh