Monday, December 19, 2011

19 DEC 11

"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?" ( Wm. Shakespeare )

Trying to photograph my band, Artsongjazz, yesterday, at the Museum Village gig.

In this picture: From left... Cosmo Policriti (Sax), Me, Joe Welsh (Drum),
Dov Dixler (Keyboard), Shane Bordeau (Bass), Naomi Kennedy (Vocals).

Obviously, we played our first gig yesterday.
We performed in a "coffee house" setting in the
Museum Village complex, Monroe, NY.
The village is a recreation of 19th century life. 
The venue was, definitely, from the 19th century. 
Heated by fireplace... 24 degrees out yesterday. 
Everybody kept coats on for the first set.
The second set, everyone huddled by the hearth.
Good gig anyway. 
We cooked!

                                             ( Not literally! )

PS: More Photos, of a much better quality.
       Audio files to follow shortly.

                                       Artsongjazz,  setup at Museum Village

                                      Artsongjazz, catching the rhythm at Museum Village

                                     Artsongjazz, cookin' at Museum Village

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