Sunday, December 4, 2011

04 DEC 11

"I remember ten."

So said I... in a previous posting concerning the perversion scandal
occurring at Penn State University. (And now at Syracuse!)

... and I do.
At ten, the world is a very big place.
At ten, you feel very small.
At ten, adults rule your world... from your parents to the teachers at school.
At ten, you cannot do much without permission.

I was taught to be always respectful to adults... to NEVER sass them.
If I felt that an adult had wronged me, I'd been instructed to then tell my
parents and let them deal with the problem.

I was carefully taught that I was to NEVER get into a car with a stranger.
I was to be ever aware of the actions of strangers and others and NEVER
allow anyone to play with, or remove, my underwear.
(This caused some problems with the Cooper Hospital nursing staff when
I was to have my tonsils removed.)

I wonder what happened at Penn State.
Were these boys not taught the same as I was?
Are these cautions not universal in nature?
I'm going to think on this some more, so for now...


16 Dec 11

My (subjective) conclusion:
Sandusky WAS the perceived father-figure.
It was expected that he be obeyed.
He was known.
He was trusted.

If he is adjudged to be guilty,
then he violated that most sacred trust
I'll gladly sing him a "Him":

       "Himmm... Himmm... Fuck Him." 
(To be chanted in the choral manner of medieval plain song)             

      ( a vestigial memory from my USASA days )

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