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Friday, August 30, 2013

30 AUG 13

Idle hands ...

Been ailing ...
digestive problems.

Spent today at home napping off and on.

Began perusing facebook and found an
interesting B&W photo of Janis Joplin.

Liked the composition, the naturalness of her pose.
Decided to tweak it some, using Photoshop.
Here's the final product:


Thursday, August 22, 2013

22 AUG 13

Confronting ...

Came upon this posting on facebook today:

Applaud her courage ...
but am in absolute awe of her great good luck.
The flake with the AK could, just as easily,
have pulled the trigger on her.
It would have been,"Goodbye, Antoinette. RIP."

Am not saying that she was wrong.
She used the only weapon at her disposal,
... and it worked!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

03 AUG 13

Musicians ...

Some I've gigged with, while others I'm only acquainted with.
All are talented.

These are the portraits I've managed to produce
via Photoshop and other graphic manipulation software:
(Click on picture to enlarge.)

                                    Bill McCasland - Bass

                                  Dwight Immel - Drums

                                       Ed Heinzinger - Drums

Gus Weiland - Guitar

Jack Souligny - Drums

Missy Alexander -Singer/Songwriter

Rich Smith - Bass

Tom Taylor - Drums

Joe Welsh - Drums

Bill Petkanas - Guitar/Pedal Steel

Rob LaSalle - Bass 

Naomi Kennedy - Vocalist

Joe Vasaturo (Joey Vee) - Singer/Songwriter

Cosmo Policriti - Tenor Sax

Chris Ellis - Singer/Songwriter

Chuck Cundari - Guitar/Vocals

Rusty Beckett - Drums

Nancy Janutolo - Drums

Felicia Michael & Bob Brophy - The Blue Yodels

Ebylee Davis - Blues Singer

 Jo-Ann Jodi Morrison - Trombone  (RIP)

Jamie Ratzken - Sax

Tom Impola - Guitar

Tom Higgens - Guitar

Gregory Monacelli - Guitar/Vocals

John Ciulla - Drums

Al Burgasser & Susanna Marker - Lumos

Dov Dixler - Keyboard

Shane Bordeau - Bass

Kim Lanier - Drums

Andrew Gauzza - Drums

Mike Smith - Flute/Keys