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Thursday, August 23, 2012

23 AUG 12

A twice told tale ...
From 1989 - While working in my brother's inn, up in Maine, I got into a disagreement with a local tough guy and trouble maker. He outweighed me by about 80 pounds and was gonna come kick my ass. I was working as maitre d' for the restaurant. Some of our customers included veterans being treated at Togus VA Hospital. A couple were former marines. We got to talking and when I mentioned that I had been at the 8th RRFS back in '67 - '68, they all wanted to buy me a drink. Seems one veteran had been Force Recon on a mission where they'd run afoul of a sizable NVA unit. They were caught in a valley with poor com links. They couldn't talk to the choppers sent to extract them. They could talk with the 8th ... and the 8th could talk to the choppers. We steered the rescue birds in and the recon team was extracted with minimal casualties.
These guys told me of the rescue. When they heard about my run-in with the bully, they all showed up on the night and had a "talk" with him outside the inn, in the parking lot. Had no more trouble with him after that.


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