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Saturday, January 19, 2013

19 JAN 13

Another war story ...
From the ASA Chronicles:
A memory surfaces ...
The 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Vietnam, ca. 1967 ...
me, pulling LN Guard ... assigned to watch a couple of local PA&E plumbers do work in the HQ Company latrine. (The old French-style buildings.) The plumbers had dug up a drainage pipe near the entrance. I was standing in the doorway watching. MPs were up and showering, getting ready for swings. House-boys and house-girls were working away, cleaning and doing laundry.
One MP (name unknown) had just exited the shower and was standing at the wash basins, getting ready to shave ... in the buff. He was big, 6'3" maybe, red-haired, lots of freckles. The facilities had been built to accomodate a much shorter folk than we Americans. The red-headed MP's "equipment" was lying in the sink as he shaved. Moving down the line of basins was a young, pretty house-girl. She was intent on her job of cleaning the sinks and completely ignored the naked men surrounding her. When she reached the sink being "occupied" by our MP, she merely picked up his "equipment", wiped the sink beneath, then dropped it back in place and, walking around him, continued on with her job, unfazed. I'd seen what was coming and was watching the MP for his reaction. Thought he'd cut his throat the way he jumped. He'd had no idea she was there.
I laughed 'til I almost peed my pants.

TINS - A true ASA War Story.  



  1. Good stuff. Good to see you back. Your stuff always gives my morale a boost!

  2. Thanks. Happy to have been of service.