Sunday, February 5, 2012

05 FEB 12

It's Sunday...
Superbowl Sunday.
It's also a Political-Talking-Head-Sunday.
On the one hand, there's a bunch of former football-playing
talking-heads dissecting a game that has yet to be played.
On the other... the politicians and "in-the-know" folks are
up and spewing campaign crap all over the TV world.

Back to the football aspect of today...
Giants vs. Patriots.
I've one son-in-law who's a Patriot fan.
The other is a die-hard Giants fan.
Family games ensue.
Me... I'm for the local team.
It'll boost our local economy a bit.

Other stuff that happened today...
The under-counter TV set that we bought 5 years ago had died.
Ordered another, with a bigger screen, from Amazon dot com.
Have been ill... my son-in-law volunteered to swap out the TV's.
He came down with the family plus a close friend of the daughter's.
They brought along their new puppy... the puppy puked all over the
friend just as the car pulled into my driveway.
She freaked.  We laughed.
She showered and changed into clean clothes but was, generally, unhappy with us.
We had a pizza party...  the TV's were swapped... everything worked out fine.

(Found out that this friend had been complaining about the dog,
saying how much she hated riding in the back with it.
A lap-full of dog puke, to me, seems karmic justice.)

GAME OVER -  Giants win, 21-17 !!!

                                   ( Happy days are here again... )


PS: First time I've seen an accidental touchdown.

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