Tuesday, February 7, 2012

07 FEB 12

Much, much ado...
Victory parade today for the Superbowl champions, NY Giants.
NY City is giving a ticker-tape parade. The mayor will be presenting the
keys to the city at a City Hall ceremony... the governor of New Jersey is
holding a reception for them in the Meadowlands stadium later today.
(Let us not forget that the NY Giants, and the NY Jets, actually play in New Jersey.)

"... on any given Sunday..." the actuality prevails...
The Patriots record for this season - 14 wins  2 losses.
The Giants record for this season - 10 wins  6 losses.
The (statistically) better team doesn't always get the ring.

Gotta remember, too, that come tomorrow, every team in the league is
back to square one.


A lot of money, time and effort being spent to honor the winners of a game.
The burr under my blanket... Mayor Bloomberg, again, says "No" to a parade
honoring Iraq War vets.
                                 ( "Who's that tramping over my bridge?" )

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