Wednesday, February 8, 2012

08 FEB 12

Early to rise...
I'm not much for early rising these days...
neither is my wife.
Our usual time for getting up is 9:00 AM, or later...
sometimes we even remain abed 'til after 10:00!
Today was different... up at 7:00, for a 10:30 doctor's
appointment. It does take that long for us to get moving.
One benefit... by getting out early, we could stop
at a local bagel shop for breakfast.
A rare treat... bagels with lochs and cream cheese.
Good lochs... paper-thin slices.
Cream cheese w/scallions.
Fresh bagels... plain and seeded.
(One of the best reasons for remaining in the Northeast.)

                                      ( to nosh, naturally )


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