Monday, February 13, 2012

13 FEB 12

Rap on The Grammy Awards...
I watched, intermittently...
I enjoyed two performances...
Taylor Swift and Adele.
Rianna's and Katy Perry's acts were too overblown to be comprehensible.
(Reminded me of the old saw, "If you can't dazzle 'em with your brilliance,
blast 'em with bullshit.") Cold Play was just plain boring.
The Foo Fighters came across as hyper-energetic noise generators...
with a rhythmic base line.
(Just what is "Foo" anyway... and why are they fighting it?)
I didn't see the entire show, so my critique is, perhaps, unfair.
But I think I caught enough of the show to remain disappointed.

The Red Carpet photos show an amazing variety of fashions being worn.
Makes me wonder... why is it that so many pop music stars tend to dress
like circus freaks for most formal public occasions? 
("Attention getting" would be my first thought.)

Fortunate son...
On "Antiques Road Show" tonight, a woman in Pittsburgh, PA  brought
in a Chinese carved rhino-horn cup that her husband had purchased in NJ,
at a flea market. He paid one dollar for it. It was estimated to be worth $300,000.
Fortune smiles on some.

The Saturday Power Ball jackpot was worth 334 million dollars...
there was ONE winning ticket, sold in Rhode Island.
Again, fortune.



  1. I agree, Taylor Swift was fabulous. She really knows how to work the camera. BTW, my friend Dillon O'Brian, who co-wrote the song "Threaten Me With Heaven" with Vince Gill, lost Best Country Song to Taylor Swift's "Mean." To me, neither of these songs is country. If you haven't heard "Threaten Me With Heaven," check it out. It is the much, much better song. Unfortunately, Vince Gill is just not as pretty.

    I don't know what the fuss is about Adele. That song she sings sucks--it is really not very good.

    Sir Paul McCartney and his drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr, turned it on with the closing number, featuring a ton of guitar greats. It was very moving.


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