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Saturday, August 20, 2011

20 AUG 11

Another Cold War vet on a return visit to Teufelsberg:


Sometimes I think that old haunts should remain locked in memory.
There are a bunch of places where I've been stationed, units that I've served in, that are no longer.

1. Fort Devens, MA
2. 8th Radio Research Field Station, Phu Bai,Vietnam
3. Vint Hill Farm Station, Warrenton,VA
4. 14th U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station, Hakata, Japan
5. U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station, Berlin, Germany
    (There's also the Berlin Brigade and Tempelhof Central Airport,
      where I worked as a civilian.)
6. National Guard Armory, Danbury, CT (192nd Field Artillery de-activated)
7. 242nd Engineer Battalion (Combat) de-activated

Fort Devens - Vicksburg Square, Revere Hall, The ASA Bookstore... more like a college campus than a U.S. Army Training Center. I enjoyed my time there.

The only military installation, where I've ever been stationed, that still remains is Fort Dix, NJ where I spent 8 weeks in Basic Training... and that place has been downgraded to a Reserve Training Facility.



It's 15 SEP 11 today...
And yet one more post is closed... Fort Monmouth, NJ lowered the colors for the last time today. Ft. Monmouth was the place where I retired from the National Guard back in 1994.


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