Saturday, March 3, 2012

03 MAR 12

"Hooray For Hollywood. . ."
I'm starting to really believe that Hollywood is peopled by cretins.
Consider my, already offered, opinions on Hollywood writers.
Now... Hollywood publicists are pushing a trailer for the movie,
"Brave," touting the archery duel featured in the movie...
It's ANIMATION folks!
Anything is possible in an ANIMATED film!
The heroine could bounce an arrow off the moon, if that's
what the director wants.

(Does anyone seriously think that Wile E. Coyote, after a thousand-foot
fall to the canyon floor, could just walk away rubbing his sore butt??)

If I remember correctly... they touted the gymnastic stunts in the
animated version of a Sinbad movie a few years ago too.
It was stupid then... it's stupid now.

Got my curmudgeon on today.

From an earlier facebook posting:

FEB 26

Hollywood writers are mostly dipshits.
Just watched a bit of "The Mentalist."
A bad guy opens fire with a sub-machine gun...
turning in a circle, spraying the whole area with gunfire.
Nobody dies, nobody is even hit.
Cops enter and arrest him.
Head cop explains that the gunman's ammo had been
replaced with blanks... in case he slipped surveillance.

Anybody who has ever fired a weapon knows...
Blank ammo looks different than the real stuff.
Blank ammo feels different than the real stuff...
it's not as heavy.
Blank ammo cannot be fired, on full auto, from an
automatic weapon without an adapter being attached
to the muzzle.
Demonstrates lazy writing.

(For the sake of realism, Hollywood movie weapons have adapters permanently installed inside the barrel. Blank ammo CAN be fired, at full auto, with these modified weapons.
Real ammunition cannot be fired at all.)


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