Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 MAR 12

Yesterday. . .
Yesterday, Lex was buried.
I stayed away from the topic
because there were chores,
mundane chores,
that needed doing around here
and if I'd given myself over to grieving,
I couldn't have gotten around to
taking care of them. . .
and these chores needed taking care of.
Besides, there were hundreds of others
thinking of him, mourning his loss.
I would have been just another lost soul. . .
wandering in the wasteland.

In Memorium:
Carroll LeFon, Captain, United States Navy (Ret.)
(Ah..ten... hut!)
(Present ... Arms!) 
"Fair winds and following seas, Sir."
(Order ... Arms!)
(At Ease.)
(Fall out.)


By way of a PS:

                    Photo from NAS Fallon (posted 08 JUN 13)

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