Saturday, March 24, 2012

24 MAR 12

To feed, or not to feed. . .
. . . that is the question.
For years I kept a bird-feeder in the back yard.
I began doing this after my cancer surgery in 2001.
I was feeling weak and found that focusing
on birds and the feeder was something that
kept my mind engaged with the goings on of the
outside world.

(That's a long-winded way of saying that it stopped
 me from becoming bored whilst stuck in the house.)

In 2009, I stopped feeding the birds after having my
cardiac V-Tac episode. . . was too sick to care.
At the time, the feeder had been in use for about 8 years.
One plus I've come to notice since ceasing to
feed the birds. . . my cars stay cleaner. . . not
near as much bird crap to wash off. 

I'm thinking of using the feeder again.
Clean cars aside, I miss the birds and
their antics. . . even miss the ongoing
battle with the squirrels.
(I think the score is tied in that contest.)
Gonna think on it.


Speaking of squirrel food. . .
I've come to the conclusion that the perfect
snack food for me is unsalted, unshelled
roasted peanuts.
Unshelled means that I can't eat too many, too fast.
Unsalted. . . speaks for itself.

That excess fluid problem that I had a couple of days
ago was likely caused by my eating too much salt.
First was the lunch and dinner of Chinese food,
then there was an entire bag of Tostitos w/salsa
that I also demolished. Lots (and lots) of salt there.
(I forgot to mention the Tostitos when I first wrote
of my fluid retention.)
Slept through the night. . . except for a 3 AM bathroom
visit. Had no problem breathing. The sodium must have
been cleansed from my system. Yeah!

                                 ( Mea culpa )

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