Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 MAR 12

The season turns. . .
A mild day today...
a bit cloudy, temps in the 70s.
The forsythia bush has flowered...
golden yellow now.
Daffodils have pushed up and bloomed.
The robins have returned.
Ah, Spring.

Had a bad, bad night last night.
Could not lay prone without fluid
accumulating in my lungs.
Spent the night sitting up in my recliner.
I hate doing that.
I don't actually sleep...
it's more like cat-napping through the night.

My feet and ankles swelled too.
I have congestive heart failure, so I
knew what the root-cause of this
fluid retention was.
This occurred despite my taking the Lasix. 

I was wondering what it was that
triggered this particular episode.
It came to me!
I'd gorged myself on Chinese food, twice, yesterday...
Chinese food  =  MSG (monosodium glutamate).
The key word here is sodium.
I'd brought it on myself.


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