Sunday, March 4, 2012

04 MAR 12

Things that go "Bang" in the night. . .
Was awake and sitting in my recliner at 5, this AM.
Suddenly... there was a staccato series of bangs out
in front of the house, accompanied by the sound of a car
revving it's engine. I jumped up to look but couldn't see
a thing in the dark.
Later in the day, I went down to fetch the paper and
found both the doors on my mailbox had been blown off.
Looked up and down the street... the neighbor's boxes all
showed signs of damage too.
Putting it together... some miscreant had been out this morning,
blowing up mail boxes with cherry bombs.
Can't close the front of my box now...
gonna have to spring for a new one...
about 100 dollars.

"What would you do if I sang out of tune. . ."
There once was a woman who friended me on facebook.
She was very nice.
She always had nice things to say about my postings.

Then one day. . .
we came to loggerheads.
The subject of our disagreement
was a particular facet of military training.
She thought it barbaric.
I deemed it necessary.
I called her argument. . . "Silly."
She said I was inflexible.

She unfriended me!

I remained ever polite.
(She's still a nice lady.)

Sunshine Friends. . . they can be found anywhere. . .
and everywhere.

                            ( C'est la vie. )


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