Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 MAR 12

Another day. . . another gift
Woke early today... 5 AM.
Had some difficulty breathing...
fluid in the lungs again...
left-over sodium in the system.

It's to be warm again today... hot even.
Right now, it's a bit foggy and cool.
The heat's been off and there's a chill
in the house... a slightly damp feeling.
I'm sitting here, like a little old man,
wrapped in a fleece blanket to ward off the chill.

Band practice tonight.
Another gig is coming up this Sunday.
Could be an important one.
We're playing the Francis Baird Tavern, Warwick, NY.
This is a "George Washington Slept Here"  type of place.
It was a prominent way-point in Colonial New York.
Looking forward to the gig.

                         ( Yankee Doodle Jazz )


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