Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 MAR 12

Owning a house. . .
is much like owning a boat. . .
there's no end to expenses.
This AM, as I was still basking in the glow
of a successful Sunday gig, Reality up'd and
smacked me on the head.
First, came the fuel truck, bearing heating oil.
Then, the downstairs toilet overflowed. . .
prompting a panicked call to the septic company.
They came.
They pumped.
They billed.
Ended up spending near $1600 and hadn't even
left the house.
Last but not least. . . the cable is out, at least the TV
portion. After waiting all day, checking the web page,
finding the outage announcement, checking every other hour,
when everything was done, my TV is still out and I cannot
get a tech here until Saturday, and then it'll be an "Inside"
technician. If the problem is outside the house then I have
to make another appointment for an "Outside" technician. 
Am seriously considering switching to Verizon FiOS.
Don't like Verizon, as a corporate entity, but
can't use Dish Satellite, too many tall trees in the way,
surrounding the property.
                  ( Row, row, row your boat. . . )


Comcast technician arrived at 1300 on Saturday. . .
(31 MAR 12) he re-hung the wire going out to
the pole, came inside to change out the old
connectors on the TV hook-up.
He also showed me how to set up
the new mini-box converters for the other TV's.
Have no complaints.
Have to rethink my Verizon option.
Price may be the deciding factor.

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