Sunday, March 25, 2012

25 MAR 12

Another gig, another dollar. . .
Today, we're playing the Francis Baird Tavern
in Warwick, NY.
It's a two hour gig, beginning at 3 PM.
There's a sound check at 2. . .
so, I've got to leave home at around 12 noon.
It appears to be a 1.5 hour drive but I'm going to pad
the time a little in case I get lost. (It happens.)
My butt's gonna be dragging tonight.
I've been awake since 5 AM.
And so it goes. . .

Early morning on the day after. . .
The gig went well.
It was held in a small room with seating for 42.
The stage area was tiny. . .
but this is what we're designed to do.
That's why I only play snare and hats,
it's a much smaller footprint.
The room was only half full. . .
we need to make a name in the area
to become a bigger draw.

The Historical Society did it up well.
There was wine and cheese at the break,
soda and sparkling water too. 
They liked our sound and we may be
going back on a regular schedule.

                           Me, with Artsongjazz, at The Francis Baird Tavern - 25 MAR 12

                                      The Francis Baird Tavern, Warwick, NY


There's a baby grand piano in the room.
(It's in the window alcove, to my left, in the picture.)
When he saw it, Dov's face lit up.
Alas. . . it needs tuning.
Maybe next time.

Here a video of us playing the first song of our second gig as the reconstituted Artsongjazz.

(I can't be seen in the video. . . am stuck in the corner, behind the sax player. The lot of most drummers.)