Monday, April 2, 2012

02 APR 12

Trouble and woe. . .
A bad day for mine today.
A grandson has appendicitis and will
probably undergo surgery later today.
(That is, if they can get him to swallow
enough of the contrast-dye that will
enable them to get a decent picture
of his gut.)

All God's chillun. . .
and all that.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Confirmed. . . it's appendicitis for the grandchild.
They, finally, convinced him to drink the contrast-dye.
He's being prepped for surgery as I write.

Surgery was a success. Dominic's resting. They're only going
to keep him a couple of days. Big difference from when
I had my appendix removed. I was in the hospital for a

                                    Dominic with his sister, Gabi - Vassar Hospital

G'night all.


He was released from the hospital late afternoon 03 APR 12.
Surgery nowadays. . . some things have become so routine.

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