Thursday, April 19, 2012

19 APR 12 (2)

One man's trash. . .
I had purchased a set of cheap, beginner-level, Yamaha drums
to give to my granddaughter, Grace.
They were a bit rough looking in the photographs.
I thought that all they'd need would be a good cleaning and polishing.
Turns out that they were constructed from very cheap materials.
Upon removing the heads, I could see that the shells were made from
a molded particleboard.
I decided to not give them to her.
I gave her a vintage Rogers set instead.
That was two years ago.
Been trying to rid myself of the Yamahas ever since.
Put them up for sale, to no avail.
Tried giving them away but nobody wanted them.
(One fellow might have taken them but he wanted
them delivered to his house.)
They were tying up storage room, so I finally decided
to just toss them.
Tomorrow is Bulk pickup day.
I put the whole set, plus some other cheap drums I'd
acquired, out at curbside around 5:00 P.M. today.
By 6:30, when I walked one of the dogs,
the drums were gone.
Fancy that!

                     ( another man's treasure )

                    The Yamahas, as pictured on e-Bay, when I purchased them.



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