Friday, April 20, 2012

20 APR 12

Time. . .
Ever notice how time seems to move ever so much faster the older you get? To my younger grandson, "tomorrow" takes forever to arrive. While, to me. . . his appendectomy seems to have happened some time ago, back in a distant period of family history. Perhaps, this relative difference is because I count the days ahead, while he hasn't begun to reckon the toll levied by the passage of time. . . yet.

A history bit. . .
Just read a piece about Robert E. Lee. Seems that today is the anniversary of his decision to resign his commission as an officer in the United States Army, so that he might take up arms in the defense of his homeland, Virginia. 

This is a case of one man making a difference. Imagine how history might have been written had Lee remained in service of the U.S. Army? There probably would be no "Grant" in our history books.
(Except, maybe, as a footnote.) Lincoln might have served his entire second term. Quite possibly, there could have been a "Lee" administration in Washington, (vice Grant). The war would have been much shorter in duration. A great many more would have survived . . . our entire post-war history would read differently. One man. . . never thought about him in this vein before.

One man.


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