Sunday, April 22, 2012

22 APR 12

It's near 3 A.M.
Had a reflux attack so am sitting up, playing
with the computer. Both dogs are asleep at
my feet. Their family is due back home
later today but I truly don't think anybody
will be here to get the dogs until some time

After they disembark they have to
pack the car, drive from the port in
Baltimore, 5 hours north, to Connecticut. . .
then unpack the car. If they're coming,
it's a 1 hour trip to this house, in NY. . .
and all the while, there's to be a classic
Nor'easter blowing through here.
So. . . No, I don't think that anybody's gonna be
picking up these dogs 'til Monday.

I was wrong. . . they came straight here on the way to
their house. The storm was not yet severe and they
wanted the dogs home.

It's quiet here.
Sorta miss the critters.


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