Thursday, April 19, 2012

18 APR 12

Dick Clark died today.
A heart attack took him at age 82.
Another piece of my youth forever gone.

R.I.P. Mr. Clark.
                     ( So Long. )


PS: Never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Clark.
I did meet his side-kick, Charlie O'Donnell, several
times when I worked at the Bellmawr Custard Stand
on the Black Horse Pike. He was usually driving back
to Philly after meeting with local radio people down
in Hammonton, NJ. I knew him enough to say hi to.
(I think the popular show, originating from Hammonton,
was the "Grady and Hurst Show.")
O'Donnell produced the biggest radio DJ in the area, Hy Lit.

Running a close third was Camden station,WKDN's Jerry Blavat,
the "Geater with the Heater" (Just what that meant, I never knew.)
Ol' Jerry was still going strong 20 years ago. My wife and I had
stopped at Schillig's Restaurant, a local bar/grill in Mt. Ephraim, NJ
for dinner and in the banquet room was ol' Jerry, hosting an Oldies Nite party. His patter was pretty much as I remembered it.

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