Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 APR 12

Ghosts of. . .
Yesterday, as I was leaving the local CVS, I noticed a man striding
towards the market. Thought I recognized his gait. . . then I took in
his peculiar hair style. . . the name "Steve," came to mind.
It was, indeed, Steve, my old crew chief from the 192d Field Artillery.
I've neither seen, nor heard of him, since sometime in 1993.
Funny how I recognized him immediately.
That he still maintained that "Punk-Rock" Mohawk as his hair style
helped, I'm sure. We chatted some, exchanged wheres and whys. . . then he was on his way. He was on a lunch break. He works for the railroad now. He's retired from the Guard.

               July 1991, 192nd FA convoy, lunch break VHFS - Steve circled in red.

The other ghosts. . .
Ferda Tanyeri - My friend and former boss from the TCA computer section, Berlin, Germany.
Manfred Ziegenhagen - Another colleague from TCA. . . he worked in the Base Supply Section.
Tom Farr - photographer for the 7350th ABG at TCA. . . ca. 1985.

I hadn't thought of them in 25 years. Found them all on facebook. Strange how that happens.


If I could only remember Steve's last name. . . somewhere downstairs, in a box, there's a battery roster from the 192nd.
I'll have to dig it out and look up names. 

PPS: It's "Nelson!" His name is Steve Nelson. It just popped into my head.


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