Friday, April 13, 2012

13 APR 12

Friday the 13th. . . again!
A daughter and her family are leaving tomorrow,
going on a cruise. It's to be a week-long trip
with visits to some of the Caribbean islands.
We are to sit her dogs.
They arrive today.
They're not any real problem for us. . .
as long as they are content to do their
business in the back yard. Neither my wife
nor I am up to walking a dog any distance
from the house. Both of them have stayed
with us before. The one thing about having
them here, the one thing that takes getting
used to, is the elder one barking at anything
that moves (or breathes, or sneezes, or
passes by, or thinks loud thoughts ) anywhere
in view of the house.

Just received word. . . the elder dog is ailing again.
It'll be the same drill as the last time they were
here. . . a once-a-day pill, wrapped in bologna
for her.

What age has wrought. . . a most important
commodity in this household has become Kleenex tissues.
I buy them by the four-pack. Age and surgery have
afflicted me with a condition described as "non-specific
rhinitis," wherein my nose runs unexpectedly and
uncontrollably. Without the tissues available, I end
up looking like the Village Idiot.
Hooray for Kleenex. . . the second best invention
of the modern era.
(The first being indoor plumbing.)         

When you break "Life" down to it's nut-n-bolt
basics, all that's really required for happiness is
an adequate supply of those same basics. . .
clothing, a dry bed, decent food, clean drinking water. . .
toss in a few creature-comforts, such as Kleenex
and flush-toilets, then you've got the world on a string.
If one is being truthful, every other possession fades
in importance.


A humerous headline from Yahoo! news today:
"French police seize 13 tons of tiny Eiffel Towers."


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