Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17 APR 12

Memory. . .
It's passing strange
what one's memory will retain,
Found in my own. . .
A bit o' Cockney Rhyming Slang:
"Plate o' meat ... That's my feet."
A snippet of an Olde English song once heard:
"Oh, me feet, me poor poor feet. . ."

This all comes to mind because my feet hurt.
At first, they used to trouble me due to lack of an
adequate fat-pad covering the metatarsal joints.
I have a very high arch on my feet, which causes
the metatarsals to meet the ground at an acute angle.
Over time, this wore the fat-pads down.
There is no longer a cushion there.

What bothers me most now, however, is edema. . .
an excess of fluid that causes my feet to swell
until they can seem much like water balloons.
It's not all that uncomfortable while I'm sitting
but walking causes me problems.
If I try to walk bare-footed, I'm apt to lose
my balance. However, I find that if I wear
my Okabashi (Milan) sandals, I can walk
with relative ease.
Something about the design in the sole
of this footwear makes walking, for me,
a near-painless experience.
I own shoes that cost hundreds of
dollars per pair that I bought, specifically,
to help with this problem.
They don't do the job!
A pair of these Okabashi sandals costs
about $14.00 at the local CVS.
To me, they are worth a great deal more.
               ( "Plate o' meat" . . .  Really? )


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