Wednesday, April 4, 2012

04 APR 12

A step away. . .
. . . from obscurity.
Singing group Wilson-Phillips is back in the public eye,
together again, and promoting a new album release.
Sorry to say, I never much cared for their music.
Their sound was always cotton candy to me. . .
spun sugar, sweet but mostly air. . .
not very satisfying.
From what I heard from them this morning. . .
seems they're continuing on in the same vein.

I had esophageal surgery, back in 2001.
The lower portion of my esophagus
was removed, to include the sphincter
valve that keeps the contents of the
stomach from escaping.
Today I occasionally suffer a form
of bile reflux at night.
Not near as often as I used to. . .
but often enough for it to be bothersome.

Somebody on an EC Club Board wrote a bit
about the recurring problem. . .
read it here:

"As a bonus, here's my patented post-surgery remedy for bile reflux and aspiration:

1. Sit bolt-upright, scattering cats in all directions.

2. Run to the bathroom, coughing.

3. Rinse mouth and throat with ample cool water.

4. Continue coughing up caustic, bile-tinged mucous from airway; spit
   and rinse. Repeat. Repeat. etc.

5. As nausea sets in, chew and swallow a few Tums.
(This coats the throat with a layer that neutralizes what I am coughing up, and neutralizes the bile in the stomach.)

6. Cough, spit, rinse. More Tums. Repeat.

7. When things settle down a little, suck a Cepacol. This will numb
   everything, including taste buds, from mouth to stomaphagus.

8. Back to bed within 25 minutes!

9. Plan on taking it easy and napping the next day.

(By the way, after I had been using this treatment protocol for some time, I encountered a nurse from the regional burn center, and ran it past her. She said that this is appropriate first aid for minor acid burns of the airway, and they use Cepacol in this way in the burn center.)"


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